The importance of regular lubrication for single beam cranes

June 7, 2023
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Regular lubrication ensures the normal operation of the machine and can also extend the lifespan of the components and body. Installation and maintenance personnel should recognize the importance of lubrication for large equipment, regularly inspect the corrosion and lubrication of the steel structure surface and various moving points of the single beam crane, and regularly inject lubricating grease to each lubrication point. Rust resistant paint should be applied to the corroded areas.


The main function of lubrication is to control friction, reduce small friction, reduce equipment temperature, prevent machine corrosion, and seal the stroke. These roles are interdependent and mutually influencing. If friction cannot be controlled, the goal of reducing friction cannot be achieved, and a large amount of friction heat will be generated, causing high temperatures in the machine parts, thereby damaging the lubrication and lubricating materials of the friction surface.