Maintaining the details of the crane is crucial

June 7, 2023
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Maintaining the details of a crane is crucial. As a supplier of lifting equipment, Shandong Longhui Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd., what are the specific maintenance details for the crane?


1. Determination of crane maintenance cycle. The maintenance cycle of the equipment can be long or short, but some units or individuals may not fully believe in the factory data explanation of the crane. They rush to carry out maintenance after the new equipment is integrated, completely ignoring the specific usage status of the equipment. Specifically, the different operating conditions and travel lengths used by each part of the crane's mechanism can serve as a basis for determining its maintenance cycle.


2. The problem of using oil. Cranes mostly use hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, fuel and other oil materials, and using cranes inevitably requires a lot of cost in terms of oil materials. However, if the issue of crane fuel consumption is considered and the factors that increase crane fuel consumption are minimized as much as possible, it is believed that the purpose of saving maintenance costs can be achieved in the use of fuel.


3. Maintenance issues. Many people have to wait for certain mechanisms of the equipment to collapse before repairing them during the use of cranes. As a result, it is easy to have the collapsed mechanism undergo repair surgery every once in a while, which undoubtedly increases the cost of equipment maintenance. Therefore, crane operators must pay attention to timely improvement, adjustment, and repair of every minor issue of the equipment, in order to extend the "collapse" and "repair" period of the equipment mechanism.